We believe in propagating an approach to learning where the mind is curious, where the mind is open and draws no borders, when it comes to learning, interacting and grasping knowledge of any kind. Which is why here, we inculcate a system of interaction that provokes the mind to be open: open to ideas, open for curiosity and open for multi-dimensional thinking. Our approach comes from our viewpoint, in which we see the school as a miniature version of the larger society. It presents diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, lifestyles and various outlooks and perceptions, yet it strives to integrate all these through a thread called integrity. Because knowledge leads to wisdom, which in turn gives the children the sense to analyse, interact and share the values and propagate the ethics and morals of a civilized society. On that note, we welcome you to Sri Gowthami Smart School.


An idea or a thought maybe good, but it has all the chances of perishing if not presented well, convincingly and effectively. Today, the abilities of the students in communicating and presenting their ideas have become the key for success in the corporate world…


Curiosity and observation. These are two brilliant pedestals that can turn the human mind into a repository of learning and experiences. It’s not simply that some of the great discoveries and inventions on the globe have happened. But it’s the right usage and application of these tools by some…


Established in 1988 with the purpose of raising the standards of education, over the years, Sri Gowthami has grown into a centre for learning that has been preparing globally competent individuals, several of whom are well-established in India and abroad in their respective careers. The institution has been focused on its commitment to groom children so they emerge as the flag-bearers of knowledge and success that is inspiring.


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