The K-10 (KG to X) are among the most critical years in the students’ life that influence the learning abilities. Sri Gowthami offers a well-researched, thematic, effective and creative structure for Secondary, primary and pre-primary children, with specific learning goals.

Competition is not a one-time agenda; it’s something that one needs to survive through in life, every single day of their life. Sri Gowthami, in it’s over three decades of existence has realized and therefore ensured that success of its students in senior classes depends on how well their foundation is tuned during their early schooling.

Coming to the Secondary school program, it is devised to set the right academic platform to evolve as critical, logical and independent thinkers, who are confident to take the mantle in the most competitive environments today. The idea is to ensure success of the student in their future endeavors.

It is the only institution in the region that has been conducting futuristic foundation programs for the past 15 years, in which senior professors from various IITs are invited to teach and motivate students. The prime focus of this tailor-made foundation programme is not only to strengthen the knowledge in mathematics and general sciences but also help the students develop a conceptual approach with sound analytical mind-set to succeed in this competitive world.

Sri Gowthami also believes in a complete learning cycle of a particular academic year where concepts of the curriculum are strengthened with application orientation and inter-disciplinary exposure. This lateral learning process has enabled several students succeed in national level medical and engineering competitive exams along with their XII Grade.

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