Sri Gowthami believes in simplifying the core subjects of science and mathematics by innovative and value-added practically oriented sessions in the exclusive-designed labs for the same.

The School has a one-of-its-kind mathematics lab designed to make learning math a fun-filled and interesting affair. Several games and activities are created for the students using the learning tools provided and are explained the various steps to solve problems and short-cut methods to do them swiftly. These exercises help them to retain and remember the processes as well as kindle the love for learning. The school also has Science Labs where several experiments are conducted under the expert guidance of the teachers and to further supplement their classroom learning. Students can be part of the NCSC Projects and Robotics that encourage them to showcase their creativity and innovative thinking.

Science Labs

Practical classes of science namely Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Maths are conducted in specifically designed laboratories under the watchful eyes of their teachers.

Mathematics Lab

The full-fledged Mathematics lab at Sri Gowthami is designed to make learning Mathematics a game that is played enthusiastically by students. The game help students remember the various steps to the problem solving, the shortcut methods and so on.

To kindle in students the love for Mathematics as well as to help them interact with students and teachers of other institutions, Sri Gowthami organises seminars and workshops on a national level which helps the students a lot.

The unique Mathematics lab at Sri Gowthami has been attracting students and teachers from other schools in the city and parts of the state. The students are highly benefited by the interactive teaching methods adopted by the faculty and the innovative methods used in the Mathematics Labs. This early grooming helps in developing and honing their analytical and logical skills.

I.T Lab

At Sri Gowthami School students are taught lessons on computers starts from class 3. The school has a well equipped computer lab with high end Internet connectivity and with a system student ratio of 1:2 as well as a digital library that has the latest and large collection of educational CDs.

The Digital Room in the school has 30 Multimedia Class rooms under Smart Class program, an LCD projector and ample seating facilities for students learning e-lessons. Students not only learn the advantages of using computers, the futuristic educational tool, but also get a chance to display their presentation skills by making the best use of computers to make their presentation effective and drive home the point clearly and emphatically.

Communication Lab

The lab aims at making students speak and express their thoughts in the English language so as to bring about confidence in them. The purpose is to ensure they become conversant when they enter the real world.

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