Sri Gowthami has a defined approach to nurturing holistic individuals. This approach is like a roadmap that our teachers take to develop minds that are mentally strong and physically agile, and yet are firmly grounded in Indian values. Here are our future-impacting elements our roadmap is comprised of:

Teaching-Learning Approach

We impart a dynamic and rewarding learning experience. The foundation of effective teaching begins with a bridged relationship between faculty and students. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.

Collaborative Learning

Through collaboration, we find new sources of learning and strength. When diverse thinking and minds come together, it promotes varied and mutually beneficial collaborative relationships. We seek association with community organizations that add value to our system. We also urge and support collaboration and exchange within and across our school community.

Physical Development

The importance of a fit body and an alert mind has been long established. Together, both create a balanced personality, an approach within the individual that helps in withstanding pressure situations in life at every plane. A swift body complements a strong mind.

Communication Skills

One should posses the ability to express oneself in different ways. Because to communicate ideas, the knack to express oneself clearly is quite the necessity. An individual who knows to bridge the gap in communication can achieve significantly better than one who does not possess such scale of skills.

Educational Equity

We are committed to identifying and eliminating barriers to educational achievement. To this end, we create policies and practices that are fair, just and provide educational opportunities to ensure that every student, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, or economic status, meets our standards for achievement, participation and growth.

Cognitive and Creative Skills

Cognitive thinking opens up the mind in different directions. It invokes imagination and creativity such that they become a perennial aspect of one’s personality. It sharpens an individual’s mind to think laterally so that one learns to come out with solutions in different problem-situations.

Moral Values

These are a set of mental guidelines that steer an individual on the path of behavior-setting, and to decide between good and bad, to distinguish between right and wrong. One’s moral upbringing is reflected in his or her behaviour in the society and the general surroundings at large. Moral progress is an integral and constant part of everyday learning.

Competitive Spirit

It’s vital that a child understands that winning is not the be-all and the end-all of a contest. But a mere end-result, in that sense. While an individual is not weaned away from the significance of winning, the focus is on education, the importance of participation and how it develops the persona.

Love for Learning

It’s one love that should stay lifelong. Because like love, learning never ceases or comes with an expiry date. Once admitted into the school of learning, learning should go on perennially. Every step in life is a step to learn at. Fortunately today, we are surrounded by tools we are constantly exposed to.

Life Skills

Our environment consists of many elements like family, friends and the society at large. What will help survive is a set of skills that groom and prepare us to interact with certain confidence, and these are behaviour traits like language, body language and other skills that make up our personality.

Respect for Human Differences

We are committed to acknowledging and celebrating diversities within our community while affirming the importance of humanity. By promoting a safe environment for questioning and challenge, we foster growth and value that comes from different perspectives, cultures and experiences. Our commitment is to create an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and respect for all.

Contemporary Thinking

For an individual to stay with the fast-paced and emerging times, it’s important that he or she is able to think new whenever the need arises. Being able to think innovative, think fresh and think unlike the regular is a trait an individual should ingrain, more so, to be successful in life.

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