Is your school recognized by government?

Yes, it is recognized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh from class I to X.

Do you have trained faculties?

Yes, we have trained graduates and post graduates as faculties.

How many students are there per section?

  • LKG and UKG – 25 Students per Section.
  • Primary classes – 30 Students per Section.
  • Higher Classes – 40 Students per Section.

Is there any conveyance facility for your students?

Yes, it is, brand new buses are in operation connecting all areas in the city.

Do you organize any extra and co-curricular activities to students?

Yes, Games & sports, music, yoga, dance, quitz, E.P.S.and so on…..

What about hygiene at your school?

We do maintain hygiene within and around the school premises. We provide purified drinking water to all present at our premises. We have adequate sanitary facilities.

What syllabus do you follow?

LKG to VI Class Xseed- Program-CBSE pattern of iDiscoveri Education, and from VII to IX class State Board while sciences are of CBSE. For Class X complete State Board Syllabus are adopted.

Can I have any Scholarship facility?

Yes, we have for the existing students, based on their previous class Yearly aggregate of 90 % and above will be awarded with complete Free Education for the immediate Academic Year. This is applicable to those who complete Class VII and prompted to VIII and will be continued up to Class X, if they study with this organization only. They must maintain the said percentage to retain the scholarship for the next classes.

How many of your students secured GPA 8.3 and above in S.S.C. 2012?

177 students secured GPA 8.3 and above and 3 students secured GPA 10.

What sort of attention we expect towards academically weak students from you?

We do analyse each and every stage of the performance of the students in every angle and guide them through all the possible ways and means (e.g organizing remedial classes) to make them fit in the stream of others.

What type of examination pattern do you follow?

I st Unit test — Quarterly — 2nd Unit test — Half Yearly — 3rd Unit test — Year End Exams. Daily Assignments to assess time to time student performance are conducted from class VII to X and Study Hour session will also be conducted beyond school hours for those who are scoring less than 60 % in their class.

What about languages, is Telugu compulsory as one of the languages?

Yes, Telugu is compulsory, the Language options are

  • I – Telugu / Spl.Hindi
  • II – Hindi / Spl Telugu
  • III – English

We offer, Hindi as first language, Spl Telugu as 2nd language and general English as 3rd language for non-Telugu Speakers.

Do you insist upon students to speak in English?

We are not but we do and we encourage, shall be corrected them through speaking to them and advising them to reply in English only.

What is your student faculty ratio?


Do you provide any extra facilities in vital subjects like Maths and English?

Yes, we organize working sessions for both the above subjects besides Science, where in the students are made to work on them with the help of able guidance. We organise Maths Talent Tests in a series, Maths Exhibitions and workshops in Maths and English. Hindu Quiz is conducted on daily news in The Hindu NEWS paper for every fortnight.

What is the present student Strength of your school?

It is 2600 in number.

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